Family Owned and Operated

Wind River Woodworks is a lumber business owned and operated by John Pearson and his family with a focus on providing top quality hardwoods with superior customer service. All of us at Wind River Woodworks take pride in the quality of the lumber and our work because we also take a special interest in each and every one of our customers.

A Family Tradition

Four generations of the Pearson family have lived in the area since Civil War days, and we've used that knowledge of the Pennsylvania forests for shelter, warmth and our livelihood. Each generation developed a strong love and respect for these forests, and then passed it down to each succeeding generation. Like our great grandfathers, who made everything from axe handles to walnut gun stocks, my family carries on this great tradition of working with wood.

Living Life at a Comfortable Pace

Here in the quiet countryside of northwestern Pennsylvania, my wife and I like to live at nature's pace. After over twenty years of fast-paced, high profile, stress-laden years, we decided enough was enough. In 1994 we made our dream come true on ten acres of woods "up on the big mountain." A year later, and with a lot of help, we had a roof over our heads just in time to beat the winter snowfall.

Now, many years later and with two daughters, a bunch of chickens, two beehives and a black lab mix affectionately named "C.C. Mutley Dog," we've added a chicken coop, a garden, a woodshed, and of course the Wind River Woodworks lumber business.

So don’t be a stranger…come on over to Western Pennsylvania and visit our world sometime!


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